I’ve been in this business for over almost two decades. I’ve hung out of helicopters, raced in a NASCAR, and recreated Thelma & Louise at the Grand Canyon. I fed a grizzly, laughed with Fred Willard, and directed a maggot. I love this business, and there are a few principals I’ve stayed true to. Every brief is an opportunity. Work twice as hard as everybody else. Trust my instincts and listen more than I talk. And for photos, always wear black & cross your arms.

I grew up in the City of Chicago loving the arts and traveling. After visiting 65 countries and having lived in a handful, I’ve returned to my Chi-town roots. I’m mildly obsessed with my espresso machine, $2 bills, cooking pasta, and of course my Great Dane, my three children, and my lovely wife.

Currently, I’m probably cleaning up after one of the above.

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